Programme Description

The Second Hope research grant programme aims to increase the proportion of funding contributing to advanced breast cancer research. The programme will only provide funding for research projects, which have been reviewed by our medical team and focus on the development and treatment of advanced breast cancer.

Award Description

Second Hope defines metastatic research as studies that specifically address the understanding and treatment of advanced breast cancer. Examples of proposed research include:

Proposals not explicitly addressing metastatic breast cancer or solely focused on prevention and diagnosis of metastasis or those that do not impact patients currently living with advanced breast cancer will be not be accepted.

The proposed research areas may be basic, clinical or translational. Preference will be for research that will lead directly or conceptually to translational outcomes. It is expected that the proposed plan will present an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise.


All individuals:

are eligible.

Senior fellows (or equivalent) with more than three (3) years of postdoctoral training in cancer research are also eligible to submit applications.

Eligible candidates for an award must be UK citizens or reside within the UK.


Grant Details

Second Hope research grants may be funded for one (1) year with potential extension for an additional year. Each award given will be up to the amount of £40,000 per year in direct costs (including salary, materials and supplies and travel up to £1,500). Second Hope funds cannot be used for purchase of equipment. At the end of Year One, researchers will be asked to give a short presentation of progress to the peer review team.

Extension of funding for Year Two will be merit-based on this presentation as well as budget justification for continuation of proposed research.

The first funding decision is expected to be made in October 2016 with the grant award period starting in January 2017.


Interested parties will be asked to submit a pre-application which should include the applicant’s name and contact information and a one-page Letter of Intent (LOI) narrative briefly describing the research to be conducted.

The LOI narrative will be administratively reviewed prior to peer review. Pre-application should be submitted via email to before 30 April 2016. Any proposal not fulfilling the criteria will be notified by 30 May 2016.

Application Instructions

The research proposal should be limited to 6 pages. The page limit should include sections on Background and Significance, Specific Aims, Preliminary Data and Research Design. Page limit excludes Bibliography and scientific abstract.

Appropriate details of methods and materials should be provided in the Research Design section, caveats /alternative approaches should be addressed and the proposal should include a brief plan that identifies critical milestones and technical solutions that will be implemented to accomplish the milestones.

The proposal should include a Scientific Abstract as an appendix. Using technical terms, it should state the background, hypothesis, specific aims, study design, and potential impact of the research proposal in regard to advancing the field of advanced breast cancer research.

Proposal Submission

The closing date for submission of the grant application will be July 2016.

Decision-Making Process

All proposals which pass the pre-application stage will be subject to peer review. The peer review recommendations will be discussed with the Second Hope trustees, who will then select the grant recipients.

How We Advertise Our Grant Opportunity

The research grant opportunity will be advertised on the Second Hope website.

How We Monitor The Impact Of Our Grants

Grant recipients will have to submit a six monthly progress report detailing milestones achieved. Criteria for success will include the researcher’s ability to secure ongoing funding for continuation of their work from other funding sources.

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