Second Hope was founded by Julie Phillips who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Three years later she discovered it had spread and that she had advanced breast cancer. Through getting to know other breast cancer patients via online forums Julie became aware of the relative lack of support for those diagnosed with advanced or secondary breast cancer.

Research uncovered that out of over 140 breast cancer charities registered with The Charity Commission, none was set up specifically to cater for the needs of those living with advanced breast cancer. Julie was determined that this should change and Second Hope was born in August 2015.

Unfortunately, Julie did not live to see the formal launch of her charity. She died just three days before on 26 September 2015. However, Julie’s vision for Second Hope lives on through the work of the charity’s many supporters.




can pay for a bottle of medium to grow cells


can buy a mini centrifuge


can pay for a bag of molecular probes


can buy magnetic beads