There is no getting away from the fact that we need money to achieve our aims and objectives – and we need you to help us raise that money. As you are reading this, you probably don’t need much persuasion to get going. We have some fun ideas for you here and some helpful guidance if you are thinking of planning a large event.


Choose your event

There are so many activities you can consider to raise money, whether individually, as a small group or a larger event. You may already be an experienced fundraisers, or you may be wondering what you can do. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Ideas for group events 

  • Arts and crafts fair
  • Auction
  • Aerobics-athon
  • Art exhibition
  • Bad tie day
  • Bring and buy sale
  • Cake sale
  • Colour theme day
  • Chocolate ban
  • Car washing
  • Dress down day
  • Film night
  • Guess the baby in the photo
  • Golf day
  • Guess the weight of a cake
  • Jumble sale
  • Line dancing
  • Litter picking
  • Nearly new sale
  • Name the teddy/doll
  • Photo competition
  • Quiz night
  • Raffles
  • Swishing evening – swap unwanted clothes
  • Theme night – international cuisine, music etc

See our helpful guidance section for more information about organising an event.

Ideas for individual fundraising

  • Bag packing in supermarkets
  • Collect loose change in collection jars
  • Babysitting
  • Dog walking
  • Sponsored walk/swim
  • Give up something you love for a month e.g chocolate
  • Grow plants to sell
  • Make crafts to sell
  • Litter picking
Ideas for fundraising with children and schools
  • Teddy bears picnic
  • Soak the teacher
  • Guess the number of sweets in a jar
  • Car washing
  • Welly throwing
  • Teddy tombola
  • Coin trail
  • Fancy dress
  • Pyjama day
  • Read-athon
  • Egg decorating
  • 5-a-side football
  • Disney day
  • Face painting
  • Hair braiding/beading
  • Jelly race
  • Sponsored silence
  • Yo-yo competition
  • Talent contest
  • Ugly face pulling competition

If you’d like more inspiration and further guidance for planning your event, visit the Institute of Fundraising website or see our guide to organising a larger event.




will pay for a bottle of medium to grow cells


will buy a mini centrifuge


will pay for a bag of molecular probes


will buy magnetic beads

Second Hope is run purely by volunteers, meaning that all donations received go to fulfil our charitable aims and objectives, not to pay salaries or expensive overheads