Receiving a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer will likely be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life, but it is possible to find a new normal. One of the key aims and objectives of Second Hope is to provide strength to those diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.
We hope by sharing some inspiring stories of people who are living well with their advanced breast cancer, that you will see that life can go on.

Hair Loss (the second time) by Nina

Ten years ago, I lost my hair. Not overnight like I thought it would be, or gradually perhaps, but it kind of went matted and within a few days, absolving itself of all life, it died, so my husband offered to shave it off in the bathroom with his beard clippers.

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Getting a diagnosis is scary, but don’t ever give up!

Getting a diagnosis is scary, but don’t ever give up!

Cancer! You never think it can happen to you then all of a sudden bang, your life changes forever. I was 44, had not long completed a degree in business & management, was looking to further my career and I had watched my son finally fulfil his dream of joining the army. Life was good and I was looking forward to the future.

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