BBC reporter Rachael Bland in ‘race’ to finish memoir

3 Oct 2018 | Advanced breast cancer news

BBC presenter Rachael Bland, who has incurable cancer, says she is in a “race against time” to publish a memoir for her two-year-old son, Freddie.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Bland, 40, said: “I’ve got less than a year”.

She said her book would contain “all the stories and advice I would have given Fred… but won’t be around to do in person”.

Bland, who co-hosts the podcast You, Me and the Big C, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016.

In May of this year, the BBC Radio 5 Live presenter and newsreader was told her cancer was incurable and said her hopes rested with a clinical trial.

But two months on, a scan revealed her cancer had spread further.

“Currently, I’m not on any active treatment, but we refuse to give up,” she wrote in the Telegraph.

Bland, who lives in Cheshire, said there would be entire parts of her life her son won’t know about and so ‘For Freddie’ would be a “love letter to my beautiful boy that I hope will leave the imprint of me and my love for him around him forever”.

Read the full story on the BBC website.




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