PHD student joins Sheffield Uni research team

24 May 2018 | Advanced breast cancer news, Second Hope news

We’re excited to announce that PHD Student Thomas Ogola has joined the research team at Sheffield University to investigate Secondary Breast cancer in the bones.

Professor Ingunn Holen says: “I am pleased to welcome Thomas to the team to carry out this exciting project. We had over 40 high quality applications for the Second Hope studentship, testament to the interest in secondary breast cancer amongst junior scientists. We look forward to Thomas joining us at the University of Sheffield in September when he will start investigating how breast cancer cells and normal cells collaborate to form secondary colonies in bone.”

PHD student Thomas Ogola says: “I want to thank Second Hope for a chance to pursue this project, as it is highly relevant to a significant portion of the 1 in 8 women who are projected to get breast cancer. Secondary breast cancer currently has a poor prognosis, but just as the understanding of the biology of the primary cancer led to breakthrough therapies, unravelling the mechanisms behind secondary breast cancer in the bone could lead to better outcomes for affected patients. I am delighted, and honoured to take part in such ground breaking research, and will endeavour to gain results that translate to a difference in the clinic.”




will pay for a bottle of medium to grow cells


will buy a mini centrifuge


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