how we spend

our funds

One of the key things that anyone donating to a charity wants to know is how their donations are going to be spent.

The first thing to state is that Second Hope is different from almost every other charity in that ALL the monies raised go to fund our charitable aims and objectives. Our charity is run by the trustees and a team of volunteers who all donate their time and expertise free which means that none of your donations go to pay expensive overheads and salaries.

While we have some ambitious fundraising targets as set out below, rest assured that even a modest donation of £5 will help us achieve our goals.


One of our more ambitious objectives is to increase the proportion of research funding which currently goes towards advanced breast cancer.

Around 30% of breast cancer patients will develop metastatic disease, yet it is estimated that less than 5% of all breast cancer research funding is dedicated to advanced breast cancer so our aim is to fund peer reviewed projects dedicated to researching advanced breast cancer and potential treatments.


would fund the cost of a research fellow for a year


would fund the cost of a PHD student for a year


Even modest donations will be able to pay for essential consumables used by researchers.


would buy a supply of disposable gloves


would buy a bottle of medium to grow cells


would buy a pipette


would buy a bag of molecular probes


would buy antibodies


would buy magnetic beads

It goes without saying that any donation would be very gratefully received, even if you did not feel able to support one of our larger projects.

Finally, some sobering statistics. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, of which 30% will be diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, sometimes many years after their initial diagnosis.

It is estimated that there are 36,000 people living with advanced breast cancer in the UK today. The average life expectancy, once diagnosed is between 2 and 3 years. 12,000 a year die from the disease, that’s someone dying every 44 minutes.

Please help us make a difference to those whose lives have been blighted by this awful disease in any way that you can.




will pay for a bottle of medium to grow cells


will buy a mini centrifuge


will pay for a bag of molecular probes


will buy magnetic beads

Second Hope is run purely by volunteers, meaning that all donations received go to fulfil our charitable aims and objectives, not to pay salaries or expensive overheads